Hello fashion friends and colleagues!
We are studying garment fit for a project focusing on 
Fit Issues at Retail, and gathering data from the industry
to evaluate how garment fit is achieved. 
If you have time (it only takes 3-4 minutes) your responses to the following questions are truly appreciated.
If you are interested in the results, please leave your email at the last prompt and I will send you the analytics at the end of the study.
Thank you so much,  Andrea Kennedy
Start the Questions
As a fashion professional...
How much do you agree or disagree that garment fit is a problem at retail today?*

As a shopper and fashion consumer ...
How much do you agree or disagree that garment fit is a problem at retail today?*

As a shopper and fashion consumer...
On a scale of 0 to 8, how important is great fit to you when you make a clothing purchase?

What percent do you believe poor-fit is contributing to the reported increase in returns, markdowns and chargebacks today at retail?

As a fashion professional...
Why do you think there are reports of more fit issues at retail today?

If you or your company designs / manufactures clothing...
On average, how many fit samples do you fit / correct per style?

As a fashion professional...
Do you believe you might obtain a better fit for your product if you had more of any of the following?

If there was a service that would enable you to make, fit and correct more samples locally and speedily would you be interested in the service?

If there was a Fashion-Fit App (like an opentable.com) where you could book local patternmakers, sample makers, fit models, graders, tech designers, CAD software, as well as other collaborative spaces and services ...to help you reduce time/waste/costs in additional fittings so that you can achieve a better fit...  would use this app to book these local, collaborative spaces/fit services (or allow your space, staff or service to be listed on the app)?

At your fashion company, what or who does your company use to fit their production samples?

What positives or negatives might your line receive if you had more fittings per style and/or if your fit samples were made locally?

What is the #1 factor you feel the industry might change to lead to better-fitting end-products at retail?

Four quick questions about you, please

Don't worry- the information you provide will remain confidential nor can be used to identify you.
What is your position in the industry? *

In which market do you work? *

In which apparel category do you work? *

What is your age range? *

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